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Gul Panag says she doesn't need to do films for a living

The actress, who is also an entrepreneur, said she would work in a film only if the role and script were to her liking.


Actress Gul Panag, who loves travel and adventure, says she no longer depends on films for her bread and butter.

Panag has been missing from the Hindi film scene for long. Asked about it, she told IANS: "It's not that I don't do films. Of course, I am doing them, but it's just that I no longer depend on films for my bread and butter... I haven't [been dependent on films] for a very long time.

"I am an entrepreneur for the last seven to eight years and I have realized that the kind of films that I want to do, it cannot be for bread and butter. I am still happy to do films, but they are the ones that I should really like."

Panag, a former beauty queen, started acting in 2003 with the film Dhoop, and later went on to films like Dor (2006), Manorama Six Feet Under (2007), Rann (2010), Turning 30!!! (2011) and Fatso! (2012).

So, is she happy with the kind of scripts that she is being offered these days? "I am busy these days. And every now and then, I keep getting some scripts. I recently did a Punjabi film [Ambarsariya] that I really enjoyed doing. Whenever I find some challenging scripts, I will do them," she said.

Panag has always been vocal on issues that concern society at large, particularly women's rights. She believes that as far as the disparity in remuneration between men and women is concerned, it is not limited to the film world.

"I think there are people who are speaking up adequately on that. It's not just about Bollywood. I am also an entrepreneur, so it's not just in Bollywood. I see this outside Bollywood as well," the 37-year-old said.