Sanjay Dutt condemns men for cooking, looking after babies; gets trolled for sexism

The actor is condemned for his sexist remarks.

Keyur Seta

Few years ago, Jackie Shroff was in the line of fire on social media after an old video featuring him went viral. In the video, the actor was seen severely abusing while shooting for a polio awareness campaign. Even today, the abuse 'Mavshichi g****', which he uses in the video several times, is associated with Shroff.

Now, it’s the turn of his Khal Nayak (1993) co-star Sanjay Dutt to be trolled, but for different reasons. An old liquor advertisement shows him condemning men for visiting beauty parlours, wearing purple, growing long hair, looking after kids, riding a scooty, etc. The video is slowly going viral and Sanju Baba, as the actor is fondly called by fans, is at the receiving end of the criticism for such sexist statements.

“Yeh mard sirf naam ke hain. Yeh cooking karna chahte hain. They want to look after babies. Get their hair permed and their face steamed. They want to feel like behenjis. Wear clothes like behenjis, put on cream and lotions like behenjis. They even choose colours that are feminine. Tell me yaar, what is wrong with you guys? Yeh manly nahin hai yaar, girly hai. Bharat ke mardon, we are in danger, losing our gift — manliness,” goes a portion of the video. 

Shroff had reacted to his abusive video by criticising the person who had uploaded it. So far, no reaction has emanated from Dutt.

Watch the video: