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Victor Banerjee considers Bollywood ‘cancer,' lambasts Salman Khan

The veteran actor was in no mood of mincing words in a recent interview. 

Keyur Seta

Veteran actor Victor Banerjee has come down heavily on Bollywood. By calling it a ‘cancer,’ he accused mainstream Hindi cinema for killing the art and moral and social values. He also specifically spoke against superstar Salman Khan. 

Speaking at an interview Banerjee said, “Bollywood is the cancer that has destroyed the country. Whether it is our moral values or social values, everything has been degenerated thanks to the way it is shown in our films. They will justify for sure but it is nonsensical and they are doing it even today.” 

He also openly criticised Salman while hinting at his alleged involvement in the 2002 hit-and-run and the 1998 black buck and chinkara cases. He said, “Everyone is aware of what he has done. He is getting away scot-free. It is not even a joke any more. But that's how our value system is.” 

Banerjee is a well-known Bengali actor who has worked with the likes of Satyajit Ray. Some of his notable Hindi films include, Shatranj Ke Khilari, Kalyug, Joggers’ Park, Bow Barracks Forever, My Brother... Nikhil, Gunday and Childrens Of War. His last Hindi film was the dud Fever, which released earlier this month.