Sonakshi Sinha performs at release of 'Rajj Rajj Ke' track

Akira actress keeps her promise, gives a break to Indian Idol contestant in her film.

Sonakshi Sinha and Nahid Afrin performing 'Rajj Rajj Ke' at the release of the song

Mayur Lookhar

The song is full of rage, but it was smiles all around as Sonakshi Sinha launched her track 'Rajj Rajj Ke' from her upcoming film Akira at a Mumbai college.

Flanked by hundreds of collegians, Sinha performed not once but twice in the evening. Shatrughan Sinha's daughter makes her singing début in a feature film with this very track.

Staying true to the film's theme, 'No one will be forgiven', a raging Akira (Sinha) is seen breaking glasses, TV sets and bottles with a hockey stick. Tinged with Punjabi, 'Rajj Rajj Ke' is a rock track that typifies the endless rage of Akira. Sinha's voice, too, is filled with sweet rage.

"I have always said that I wanted to have a career in singing. This sounds like the dialogue from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Earlier, I had my single ['Aaj Mood Ishqholic Hai'], but this is my first in a film. I'm hoping there will be many more," she said.

Sinha performed the track twice, with the first performance appearing to be more of a lip-synch. However, when requested by a fan, she performed it again, this time without the recorded backup.

The evening threw up a surprise as Sinha unveiled the new talent in the film – Nahid Afrin, finalist of the singing reality show Indian Idol Jr, on which Sinha was a judge. As she had promised on the show along with co-judges and composers Vishal and Shekhar, Afrin was roped in for another version of 'Rajj Rajj Ke'. She, too, performed on stage.

“I’m really happy for Nahid," Sinha said, lauding the precocious talent. "We kept our promise. She is a genuine talent and every time she performs, she give me the goosebumps.”

Sinha also heaped praise on filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who plays the antagonist in Akira. “Anurag Kashyap is menacing in his role in Akira," she said. "I knew he acted well, but after watching him in Akira, I keep telling him he should act more often.”

Akira releases on 2 September 2016. Catch the Rajj Rajj Ke video here: