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Jain monk 'forgives' Vishal Dadlani; but hurt supporters file complaint against musician

Known for his outspoken views, music director gets battered by Jain guru’s followers on social media.

Mayur Lookhar

Apart from being one of the finest musicians in the country, Vishal Dadlani is also known for his outspokenness. The musician, however, bit off a little more than he could chew after he created a furore on social media by taking a dig at Jain monk Tarun Sagar on Twitter.

Vishal Dadlani's controversial tweet mocking Jain muni Tarun Sagar

On 27 August, Dadlani had posted this controversial tweet dismissing the monk who advocates abandoning of materialistic ways and gives sermons without any clothes.

Dadlani’s tweet triggered a furore among the Digambar community that launched a social media tirade against the musician. A complaint has been filed against Dadlani at the Sharda police station in New Delhi.

The music director was quick to issue countless apologies to the many hate messages from the aggrieved followers, which, however, failed to pacify them. While the hurt followers are baying for Dadlani’s blood, the guru himself chose to play down the incident. 

Muni Tarun Sagar told a Hindi news channel that Dadlani had a right to differ and he [the monk] did not care what people said about him.

The musician was quick to retweet this message by the monk.