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10 times A Flying Jatt made us laugh unintentionally

The Tiger Shroff-starrer has its share of absurdities. 

Keyur Seta

Every now and then there comes a film that sends us in splits unintentionally. Remo D’Souza’s A Flying Jatt is the latest to join the list. 

Here are 10 instances from the Tiger Shroff-starrer that made us laugh when we were not supposed to. But SPOILERS alert.

1. Amrita Singh appears more heroic than Shroff when she beats up the baddies. When she is not doing that, she automatically starts giving religious gyan to her son. 

2. Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon), a money-hungry industrialist, needs to build a bridge from one end of the lake to another. For this, he wants a housing society, which is in the middle of the lake, to vacate the place when he could have build it over the society.

3. A Khalsa logo is naturally formed on a tree. Nature has some truly talented designers. 

4. To deal with Amrita Singh’s character, Malhotra brings an international devilish wrestler, Raka (Nathan Jones).

5. But Raka never even tries to attack Singh’s character.

6. When a monster like Raka is creating havoc, commoners are seen just staring at him with hardly any expressions. 

7. When Raka is beating up Shroff, the latter’s back touches the logo and he instantly acquires supernatural powers, so much so that even a bullet doesn’t injure him. 

8. Shroff throws Raka far away into garbage and tar. He keeps lying there for more than a week. But instead of dying, he gets supernatural powers. From here onwards, he relies on pollution and garbage for energy. 
9. Menon’s character doesn’t give a damn when his factory creates various kinds of pollution. When his daughter falls sick, the environmentalist in him awakens. 

10. (Best of all) As there is a lot of pollution on earth, which provides energy to Raka, Shroff takes him to another planet to kill him. His justification is that there is no pollution to give energy to Raka. But what about oxygen?