Forbes list: Shah Rukh, Akshay Kumar amongst top paid actors in the world

Ranked 8th, Shah Rukh earned as much as Robert Downey Jr; Akshay Kumar tied with Brad Pitt at 10th spot.

Mayur Lookhar

Our films may be ranking behind Hollywood, but Indian actors are earning moolah as much as, if not more than, top actors from the West.

Few days after Forbes unveiled the list of the highest paid actresses in the world, the magazine has now released the list of the highest paid actors. 

Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, is the highest paid actor in the world with earnings of USD 64.5 million, taking the top spot having earned double of what he made in 2015. Johnson beat Jackie Chan who had earnings of USD 61 million. Matt Damon, who had an Academy award nomination in The Martian last year, came third with earnings of USD 55 million. Despite his career being on the wane, Tom Cruise was fourth with earnings of USD 53 million. Johnny Depp rounded the top 5 with earnings of USD 48 million.

In the Indian context, Shah Rukh Khan took the 8th spot with earnings of USD 33 million. Khan shared this spot with Robert Downey Jr. 

The surprise mover was Akshay Kumar, who is tied at the 10th place with Brad Pitt with earnings of USD 31.5 million. Salman Khan came 14th with earnings of USD 28.5 million. The Sultan actor was placed above Leonardo DiCaprio, who posted earnings of USD 28 million.

Though his films aren’t doing great business, Amitabh Bachchan, with earnings of USD 20 million, was placed at the 18th place, ahead of Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey (19) and Harrison Ford (20).

It must be recalled that Indian actors like Shah Rukh, Salman make millions also through many endorsements, a privilege actors from the West do not enjoy much. Another key aspect disclosed by Forbes is how all the highest paid actresses in the world are all under age 50, while their male counterparts are all 50-plus, with Bachchan and Ford ageing over 70.

Earlier, Forbes had released the list of the highest paid actresses, wherein Jennifer Lawrence topped the list with earnings of USD 46 million. Deepika Padukone was the lone Indian in the top ten, taking the 10th spot with earnings of USD 10 million.