Sapna Bhavnani blasts Salman Khan, calls him ‘male chauvinistic pig’

The hairstylist was speaking about her upcoming book, Chapter One.

Salman Khan, Sapna Moti Bhavnani

Keyur Seta

People from the film industry have always shied away from speaking against Salman Khan, be on it his infamous hit-and-run case or the 1998 black buck and chinkara issue. But hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani has made it loud (quite literally) and clear that she definitely isn’t one of those. In fact, her comments against Khan have come as a huge surprise. 

While talking to a leading daily about her upcoming book, Chapter One, when Bhavnani was asked about her take on Khan, she said, “You have a male chauvinistic f***ing pig as a host of this f***ing show, that insults people, so people watch the show, and people worship him on the show because people want a job in one f his stupid f***-all movies where he dances like a monkey — that’s Bigg Boss in a nutshell.” 

Interestingly, Bhavnani was one of the contestants on Salman’s TV show, Bigg Boss. Later on when she was asked whether she has written anything about the Dabangg actor, she said, “This man really misuses people and I don’t have to give him any importance.” 

However, as per latest developments, the hairstylist has lashed out at the daily on Twitter for focusing solely on her comments against Salman instead of her book. In fact, she had a long hateful argument with the journalist who interviewed her.