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Sonakshi Sinha: Akshay Kumar said Akira will be game changer for me

Not just fans, Sonakshi Sinha’s action heroes have also lauded her upcoming action flick. Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter says it feels nice to not have a hero in a film for a change. Read our conversation with the Dabangg woman.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

Sonakshi Sinha has taken the first step in following her action hero father Shatrughan Sinha’s footsteps with her maiden action flick Akira. Directed by Ghajini director AR Murugadoss, Akira hits the screens on 2 September 2016.

The trailer received positive feedback and Sinha was also appreciated for her singing in the 'Rajj Rajj Ke' track. All looks hunky-dory for the actress, who, before Akira, was happy to play second fiddle to the hero in her blockbuster action flicks. 

The actress interacted with the media on Tuesday evening where she discussed about Akira, the pre-release positive feedback from fans and co-stars, and commented on her father's controversial political statements against the BJP. She also created a stir by saying that ragging should be an enjoyable process. Excerpts from the conversation:

Akira carries the ‘No one will be forgiven’ tagline. Does Sonakshi Sinha also believe in that philosophy?

Ideally no, but it depends on what someone has done to you. However, forgive and forget is my real-life motto.

With such positive buzz around the film, do you feel the pressure of expectation?

It’s been a positive experience for me. The shooting of the film has taught me how much I can push myself to the limit to play a character like Akira. Other than that, the response after the trailer has been fantastic. I’m really happy about that and hope to be in that space. All of us have put in great effort. Hopefully, the audiences like it. I now want to do roles that really push me to my limits.

How does it feel to work without a hero?

It feels nice to work without a hero! There is no tension around. Everything has its time and place. In this film, I wasn’t required to play the romantic heroine. I have done my bit of romancing, dancing. So I guess it feels nice that now you’re playing the main protagonist.

Did Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar comment on the Akira trailer?

Salman hasn’t said anything as yet, but Akshay Kumar did say that Akira will be a game changer for me. That is such a huge compliment from an action star of his calibre. Ajay [Devgn] tweeted me saying that if you start doing action then what will we do. It is very encouraging when people who have been doing this for so many years compliment you like that. 

What about your father Shatrughan Sinha? How did he react to the trailer?

He really liked the trailer and is very anxious to see the film. My mother has seen the film. She has told him great things about it and that explains his curiosity.

In recent years, your father has made some very controversial statements against his political party, especially at the time of the Bihar assembly elections. Is there a sense of disillusionment within the family against the Bharatiya Janata Party?

No. He has always been one who has never shied away from expressing his opinions. People have always appreciated his honesty. We have very few honest people in politics. We should let him be like that.

Have you ever been a victim of bullying?

People would try to bully me as I was a child on the heavier side. Some people like poking fun at kids who are slightly overweight. But I would never take things lying down. I always gave it back to such bullies. Ragging is something different. I did go through my share of ragging in college [SNDT, an all-girls' college]. However, that was a way of making friends with one another. Honestly, the people who ragged me or I ragged, we are still friends to this date. Ragging should be an enjoyable process for everyone and not something that traumatises an individual for life.

Can having one director play the villain in another director's film be a distraction?

Anurag Kashyap has been a fantastic antagonist to my character. He is truly a worthy opponent to Akira. He did not try to be a director on the sets. He left the direction completely to Murugadoss Sir.

Has Anurag Kashyap spoken about signing you for a film to be directed by him?

(Laughs.) Well, not really, but for that to happen, I’ve told him that he needs to make a happier film.

Speaking of your other film Noor, which is based on Pakistani journalist Saba Imtiaz’s book, is there a fear that it could run into trouble in Pakistan?

I don’t see that happening. The film is based on the book, but it has been adapted to Mumbai.

Finally, what do you take away from Akira?

I feel that girls should be taught to defend themselves from an early age. I’ve been saying it for a while now that self-defence should be a subject in school. Given the crimes against women today, every girl should be taught to defend herself.