Sonakshi is ready even for guest appearance in Dabangg 3

The Dabangg actress opened up on the constant speculation surrounding her future with the franchise.

Sonakshi Sinha (Photo: Shutterbugs Images)

Mayur Lookhar

Actress Sonakshi Sinha made news when she signed up for her debut in Dabangg (2010). Her association with the franchise has been under constant speculation. 

Sinha has been hounded by journalists ever since reports surfaced that she had been dropped from the third instalment of the popular, light-hearted action franchise because Salman Khan, star of the films, was upset with her for having turned down his brother Arbaaz's film Dolly Ki Doli (2015).

Reports that Sinha would not play Rajjo in Dabangg 3 have been doing the rounds since 2013, when there were rumours of a clash between her and Salman. Back then Sinha was quoted as saying that Dabangg 3 was likely to be a prequel and so her character was unlikely to feature in it. Three years later, questions around Dabangg 3 continue.

At the 'Rajj Rajj Ke' song launch of her film Akira, had asked Sinha if it was ironic that at a time when she had turned dabang with Akira, she may not feature in Dabangg 3. Sinha had chosen to keep mum then.

On Tuesday, when asked if she really needed to do Dabangg 3 when she had several strong, women-orientated films up her sleeve, Sinha retorted: "So you don't want me to be part of a hit film?"

"I'm what I'm because of Dabangg," she said. "I was noticed in Dabangg. It was my first film, my first character. I will always be grateful and loyal to that film. So, even if they need me for a guest appearance, I will do that."

“Right now, the script is not in place. They are still working on it. But Rajjo will be Rajjo. Since I'm not dead, you cannot suddenly change the character. Irrespective of how they take the story forward, whether it involves additions or subtractions to the cast, if there is a character of Rajjo in Dabangg, it will be played by me,” she said.

Commenting on reports about her future with the franchise, Sinha said, “I think you are playing ping pong with each other. One day it is reported that I’m doing it, then another day it's the opposite. Honestly, there has been no conversation with anybody about the film, purely because the script is not ready. So stop speculating. When the time is right producer Arbaaz Khan will say what is happening.”

So, until Arbaaz seals his script and cast, khamosh is the word!