Only bold scenes by big stars are appreciated: Zareen Khan

The Hate Story 3 actress highlighted the disparity between top and mid-rung actresses over filming bold scenes.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

She is not known to make controversial or even serious statements, but Zareen Khan has surprised everyone with her comment on actresses doing bold scenes.

The Hate Story 3 actress is of the view that only A-list actresses doing bold scenes are accepted by audiences, while the same scenes enacted by mid-rung actresses like her are deemed trashy.

“If maybe a bigger name does this [bold scenes], it’s all right. It’s like ‘wow’, ‘oh my God’, ‘looking so hot’, this and that. But if somebody with not so much a big or established name is doing it, it is called trash, people are trolling it,” Khan told the Press Trust of India. 

Khan had started her career playing the idealistic woman, but constant failures forced her to take the bold route in the 2015 film, Hate Story 3. Though largely praised for her image makeover, Khan was slammed by detractors, even though Hate Story 3 was a commercial success and saved her career.

Khan was then picked by Ram Gopal Varma for the wild item number 'Khallas', a remake of the popular track from his film Company (2002). 

Coming back to the issue of disparity between A-Listers and lesser-known actresses, Khan reckons that a part of the problem lies in the hypocrisy of the audience which on the one hand condemns such skin show while also enjoying such bold scenes.

“I feel we live in a hypocritical country. There are a lot of people out there who will say all the possible negative things about that [bold scenes], but they won’t avoid watching it. They will still watch it,” she said.

After Hate Story 3, Khan’s career has taken a turn for the better as she has bagged her maiden international film, Divine Lovers. The actress will also be seen in Aksar 2.