Veeram poster: Kunal Kapoor bares his toned body in trilingual Shakespearean drama

The film is being made simultaneously in Hindi, English and Malayalam.

Poster of Veeram

Keyur Seta

It is not often that a trilingual film is made in India, but director Jayaraj has come up with one called Veeram. The film is being made simultaneously in Hindi, English and Malayalam. 

Veeram is based on William Shakespeare’s classic, Macbeth and stars Kunal Kapoor in the title role. The first poster of the film was released and it features a topless Kapoor's back. 

Although the poster doesn’t reveal the face of the protagonist, it instantly piques one's interest in the film for various reasons — the presence of an ancient temple of Kerala in the background, the effect brought in by the rains and Kapoor's perfectly sculpted body. 

During the start of the year, the actor, while speaking about the film had said, “It's an interesting story about bravery, lust, greed and power. It is centered on this warrior who prophesises that he will be king one day. It's every actor's dream to play Macbeth and I had wanted to do an action film for a long time so when I was offered this one, I immediately jumped on board.” 

Kunal has undergone intense training in the art of Kalaripayattu, which is a form of martial art practised in Kerala.