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Amitabh Bachchan stalking Taapsee & co in new Pink track

Jeenay De Mujhe, a liberating track beating cross old rock tunes

Mayur Lookhar

The message was delivered loud and clear at the trailer launch. Shoojit Sircar produced Pink is going to be a women empowerment film. And in 2016, women from Delhi aren’t afraid to flaunt their devil-may-care attitude. They demand their freedom, they demand to live their way. That’s the core message coming cross from the ‘Jeenay Da Mujhe' track that was released online today. 

Penned, crooned and composed by Pakistani singer Faiza Mujahid, the Jeenay De Mujhe track underlines the attitude of the modern Delhi woman, one who demands her freedom. One who is keen to live her life her way. The music is reminiscent of the typical rock numbers from the '80s ad '90s. The lyrics are anything but poetry. True that rock music doesn’t need poetry, but the lyrics though liberating, aren’t exactly music to the ears. The feminist in Mujahid and the Pink triumvirate (Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Andrea Taring) will hit back at the critics saying it’s their song and one ought to respect that. However, will it top the chart busters? We’ll know in time. 

What works in the song's favour is the unabashed and unflinching attitude displayed by the three actresses. Also, it is shot at one of the most posh locales in Delhi, Rajeev Chowk, which houses some of the best restaurants and shopping stores in Delhi. Like the urban Delhiites, the girls love their wine, they love their shopping, and travel in the Delhi metro. 

Amitabh Bachchan had confessed at the trailer launch that the film will show a certain different side to him which involves obnoxious behaviour. Well, in this track, the veteran actor is seen kind of the stalking the girls. Miss Arora (Pannu) is left curious by the actions of Deepak (Bachchan). 

Clearly, there’s much more to Amitabh Bachchan’s character than meets the eye. All the mystery will unfold on 16 September, 2016. For now, the fans, especially, the custodians of feminism can chide, “Jeenay De Mujhe."