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Ajay Devgn defends shooting Shivaay in Bulgaria over Mount Everest

Lack of infrastructure at the highest mountain peak in the world forced the actor-filmmaker to shoot the film in the Balkan mountains.

Mayur Lookhar

Since Ajay Devgn's Shivaay trailer was released, its 'cool' factor has been talked about. The film, produced and directed by Devgn, release in Diwali. 

While the film is not based on the great tales of Lord Shiva, Shivaay certainly seems to have the Lord's powers and is he’s treading on icy cold mountains. Lord Shivaay being a mythological legend in this country, fans were surprised as to why Devgn chose to shoot the film the cold Balkan mountains of Bulgaira, over the neighbouring Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world.

The actor, though, had his reasons. Speaking to a daily, Devgn enunciated on filming in Bulgaria.

"In Bulgaria, the locations are tough, but there is access and infrastructure. If that kind of infrastructure was available at Mt Everest, I would have shot there. The temperature in Bulgaria was -25 degree and we could get the right kind of equipment there. How would I save my unit if we didn't have proper shoes and jackets in the -30 degree, freezing weather?" Devgn told a daily.

Shooting in such extreme conditions was a challenging task with Devgn paying special attention to the security of his crew. 

"It was a very risky shoot, but we were prepared for it and hats off to my unit. They stood there and made sure we completed the shoot. I got hypothermia once, but except for that incident, everybody was fine. We had doctors and ambulances on the sets. I was lucky to get some good weather there. If I was supposed to shoot for 60 days and I had light only from 9 am to 4 pm, they said that the weather would be bad. I said it won't be and true enough, whenever I would walk out of the hotel to shoot, the weather would be perfect with bright sunshine. We had kept buffers to compensate, in case the weather changed, but we never needed those. For a 60-day shoot, we shot the film in 40 days and completed it before time."

Devgn expressed joy at the positive response to the trailer, but one thing that still hasn't emerged is who is the villain in the film. Is it the big, bald, white man who supposedly has kidnapped the child? The actor was non-committal on this part and in stead choosing to keep the suspense..

"The villain is something we want to keep a secret till the very last minute — till the Friday the film releases. I know it's unusual, but we don't want to reveal the villain's identity. Every trailer released will keep the people guessing as there are lots of twists and turns in the film," explained the Shivaay actor.

Shivaay releases on Diwali 28 October this year.