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Revealed: Priyanka Chopra as CIA agent Alex Parrish in Quantico season 2

The latest poster of the new season of Priyanka's hit television series, Quantico, has been released, with the CIA badge showing quite prominently.

Shriram Iyengar

Priyanka Chopra is running a whirlwind through USA. After the announcement of her appearance as a celebrity judge on season 15 of Project Runway, the actress is now back to prep for the premiere of the second season of Quantico. Priyanka just released the latest poster of the series on her Instagram page. 

The first season saw Alex Parrish being accused of triggering a terrorist attack, and trying to outwit her enemies. The second season follows the characters in the aftermath of the events. A significant development from the previous season is Alex's decision to join the CIA. The poster features Priyanka's Alex set in the forefront with Jake Mclaughlin's FBI agent, Ryan Booth, in the backdrop. The tumultuous relationship between these two characters might also take prime positioning in the plot, as the season progresses. The series tackles the issue of global terrorism and will be filmed across locations in New York, Mexico, and England. The actress was recently spotted in New York filming some scenes in combat attire. 


Quantico is set to premiere in USA on 25 September on the ABC network. The popularity of the series though is growing outside USA and India. The show has seen great popularity and success in France recently. Priyanka will soon be travelling to South Africa, Germany and China to promote the series.