Why was Sonakshi Sinha hiding behind a pillow?

The actress sought the cover of a pillow to duck media photographers.

Sonakshi Sinha hides from the paparazzi (Photo: Shutterbugs Images)

Suparna Thombare

Generally, not the one to shy away, Sonakshi Sinha had to resort to desperate measures to hide from the paparazzi this time around. The actress was spotted leaving Corner House Cafe, Bandra in her car. As soon as she saw the media photographers in the distance, the actress picked up a pillow and hid behind it. 

We wonder why Sonakshi was so desperate to hide. 

A few days back Sonakshi was photographed having dinner with alleged boyfriend Bunty Sachdev, and a popular tabloid reported that she had a sleepover with him. The actress was quite miffed with the intrusion into her privacy and reports that followed. She had taken to Twitter to slam the tabloid. "SO glad i dont subscribe to trashy Mirror in which a fun dinner at a restaurant turns into a "sleepover". Want to know what they r smoking."

Perhaps, Sonakshi is still miffed about the incident and in no mood to oblige the paparazzi. Or may be she just didn't want to be photographed without her makeup on!