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Yo Yo vs Badshah: War of the Raptors

A wacky take on the war between the nation’s top rappers

Mayur Lookhar

The gloves are off. Rappers Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah are at war. And the nation is hooked to the rivalry.

Honey Singh and Badshah exchanged words and a few shoves at a party in Delhi three days ago and it took a host of guests to prevent the scuffle from degenerating into full-scale fisticuffs.

The two weren’t always enemies. In fact, Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, better known as Badshah, started his career with Honey Singh. Both were part of the Punjabi hip-hop troop Mafia Mundeer where they churned out many a chartbuster.

Creative differences saw the duo go their separate ways. While Honey Singh reached the top, Badshah struggled to carve his own identity.  He eventually shone when Honey Singh took a break from the scene to nurse himself back to health.

Singh’s absence meant Bollywood was now wooing his one-time protégé. A few hits were enough to catapult Badshah to the top. Meanwhile, Yo Yo overcame his health issues and returned early this year to reclaim his throne. And he fired the first salvo by referring to his adversary as a Tata Nano car, while calling himself a Rolls Royce. Badshah was quick with his own retort, pointing out that the Nano is used widely while the Rolls Royce is seldom seen.

The fight in Delhi is merely the first skirmish of a long battle, one that is likely to bolster rap music in the country. Though another physical confrontation may not take place, the war of words is unlikely to end quickly. Without trying to add fuel to the fire, here’s an imaginary take on the kind of songs the twosome may sing in the days to come. Mind you, while the songs are heavily influenced by the works of the two antagonists, the lyrics here are entirely from our own imagination.

  Badshah:    Yo Yo Yo... Is a thing of old
                    He blew hot, he blew cold
                    Char bottle vodka, tha uska roz ka
                    Nahi kabhi woh ruka, phir mila ussey dhoka
                    King hoga kabhi ek Singh
                    Par ab rap king hai ye Badshah

Yo Yo:        Mana main sharabi
                  Aadat meri thi kharabi
                 Sunn Delhi ke deewane
                 Tu kya rap jaane
                 Rap meri... Rolls Royce ki sawaari
                Teri voice... Nano ki bimaari
                Don’t look at me, just bring it on, kyunki
                Abhi toh fight shuru hui hai

Badshah:    Don’t make me mad, baby
                  You talk like a sad kiddy
                  Gaddi woh kis kaam ki
                  Hai joh sirf naam ki
                  Rolls Royce toh sirf ek luxury
                  Millions kare meri Nano ki sawaari

Yo Yo:       Aata majhi satakli
                Terminator, don’t mess with me
                Chandigarh to Gurgaon, Patiala ho ya Dilli
                Tu hai Bheegi Billi
                Issey kehte hai real rap
                I’ll beat you all blue and black

Badshah:    Na kar mujhpe waar
                  Kar dunga tujhe tadipaar
                  Jo teri hai satakali
                  Toh char churiyan pehenle bhai
                  Ab teri dahi nahi jumni

                  Vodka, soda whiskey chahe jo le aaye
                  Badshah hai taiyaar… kyunki
                  Abhi toh fight shuru hui hai
                  Abhi toh fight shuru hui hai