Arjun Kapoor wants you to buy more ketchup  

The movie star has reportedly been signed on as the face of Smith & Jones 


Our Correspondent

The low profile Arjun Kapoor is now the face of Smith & Jones sauces, ketchups and condiments, according to trade reports. A press release from the company quoted Ajay Gupta, MD, Capital Foods: "Arjun Kapoor has a chilled out acting style and a great sense of humour that has endeared him with his youthful followers. So it's truly an inspired brand fit and we're excited to have Arjun join us in a fun-filled adventure!"

As for the star's reaction to this development, here's what he had to say: "Ketchup is one condiment which we use on our food all the time. It's a habit that I love to have, and a chance to endorse a product I grew up eating won me over. Who doesn't like a bit of twist to their everyday food?"