Here's how Bollywood reacted to Aamir Khan's 'intolerant India'  

The star's comments at a public function kicked up a storm, as many expected them to


Our Correspondent

Aamir Khan kicked up a controversy on social networking sites minutes after a statement at a press conference stating that his wife Kiran Rao had considered leaving the country on account of rising intolerance. The statement sparked off a war online, with industry insiders taking to Twitter and Facebook to speak out. Here are some of the responses that were generated:
Sanjay Gupta: "THOSE ACCUSING AAMIR KHAN OF BEING INTOLERANT PL HAVE DA TOLERANCE TO WATCH DA WHOLE INTERVIEW. NOWHERE DOES HE SAY HE WANTS TO LEAVE INDIA. "That was a disastrous statement for Kiran to make." Aamir Khan's next line after saying that Kiran wants to leave. Hear the full interview." 

Vishal Dadlani: "More power to your voice, @aamir_khan Sir! This is OUR country, it belongs to ALL Indians. Not to rabid lunatics from any party/religion!" 

Ashwini Chaudhary: "Bhakts are abusing @aamir_khan but in next 24 hours #anupamkher will give him a certificate of true Nationalist." 

Not all tweets were supportive, obviously. Here are some of the voices that begged to differ: 

Anupam Kher: "Dear @aamir_khan. Did you ask Kiran which country would she like to move out to? Did you tell her that this country has made you AAMIR KHAN. Did you tell Kiran that you have lived through more worse times in this country & but you never thought of moving out. When did 'Incredible India' become 'Intolerant India' for you? Only in the last 7-8 months? #AtithiDevoBhavah. Dear @aamir_khan Presumed country has become #Intolerant. Wat do u suggest 2 millions of Indians? Leave India? Or wait till regime changes? #SatyamevaJayate u talked about evil practices but gave Hope. So even in 'Intolerant' times u need 2 spread Hope not Fear." 

Ashoke Pandit: Now that @aamir_khan also feels we are an #IntolerantNation. Let us now go all out and prove once for all that we are really intolerant.