Why has Kajol changed her name?  

The actor has used her surname on the big screen for the very first time

Our Correspondent

Eagle-eyed industry sources have spotted two interesting things about Rohit Shetty's Dilwale. Firstly, Shah Rukh Khan's name is placed before Kajol's during the credits titles. This is surprising because the star had said, in 2014, that the names of his leading ladies would appear before his in the titles. Apparently, the rule hasn't applied this time because fans subconsciously refer to the duo as Shah Rukh and Kajol.

As for the second surprise, Kajol has taken on her husband's surname after being married to Ajay Devgn for 16 years! The film officially stars Kajol Devgn.

As more and more actresses add their husbands' surnames to their own — Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor Khan come to mind — will Vidya Balan follow by adding her husband's surname Kapoor?