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Pahlaj Nihalani looks back at 2015  

The CBFC Chairman says he was called 'Sanskaari' as if it was an abusive term

Our Correspondent

Pahlaj Nihalani completes a year as Chairperson of the Censor Board Of Film Certification (CBFC). He recently spoke to reporters talking about how he was criticized, condemned, flogged and abused by 'so-called liberals.' He says Sanskaar and Sanskaari became dirty words, but he didn't buckle under pressure.

Nihalani says he didn't try to play a hero of our culture to enhance his own image. He says he took a stand against vulgarity and cheap imitation of Western culture, even if he was seen as a fuddy-duddy. He adds that he was thinking of future generations who could grow up thinking cuss words were a part of our sanskaar.

Nihalani wasn't apologetic about his pro-government leanings either. He said he was a proud BJP supporter and firmly believed Narendra Modi was the present and future of the country.

The CBFC chief intends to introduce online certification from early 2016 and says there will be no complaints in the new year.