Priyanka Chopra thinks actors are soft targets  

The actor recently spoke to an entertainment portal about the Shah Rukh Khan controversy


Our Correspondent

Priyanka Chopra recently spoke to an entertainment portal about the recent controversy surrounding Shah Rukh Khan's comments on growing intolerance in India. "I believe we live in a democracy," she said, "and actors should also have the right to an opinion just like everybody else does." 

The star was asked about her latest film, Bajirao Mastani, which faced protests from political groups who obstructed some shows in cinema halls. Rohit Shetty's Dilwale was also targeted in states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. When asked if film stars are soft targets, Chopra agreed: "Just like the aam aadmi has the right to express their freedom of speech, similarly we have the right to say something. Then why does this happen with us? We aren't the only ones that are part of our films. Yes, our faces are on the poster. But there are thousands of people associated with a film — exhibitors, distributors and even the guy selling popcorn in cinema theatres. Their livelihoods get tainted because a film is being taken on and I am against it."