Why has Ram Gopal Varma pissed off Sridevi?  

Will the actress and her husband Boney Kapoor sue the filmmaker for defamation?


Our Correspondent

Ram Gopal Varma has reportedly annoyed someone again, His book 'Guns & Thighs' reportedly has him speaking about how he was influenced as a filmmaker by Sridevi's thighs.

The observation has not gone down well with Boney Kapoor and his friends, apparently, one of whom believes this is disrespectful towards a woman and mother of two daughters. The friend believes Ramu has no respect for family values and has told news agencies that Boney Kapoor intends to take legal action against Ramu.
This isn't the first time the filmmaker has annoyed Sridevi. Apparently, Boney Kapoor sent Ramu a legal notice when the latter titled his Telugu film 'Sridevi'.