Priyanka Chopra bats for Shah Rukh Khan  

The actress voices her support for Shah Rukh Khan with reference to the 'intolerance' controversy


Our Correspondent

Shah Rukh Khan's statement about intolerance recently lead to mass outrage on social media. Priyanka Chopra, whose film Bajirao Mastani also released on the same day as Dilwale, came out in defence of Khan during an interview with a popular news channel.

The actor had recently tweeted: "I can't help staying silent on this anymore.. It's too sad to see how films and actors become political pawns! Bans based on baseless propaganda.. Holding films ransom just before they release so that publicity can be garnered for certain agendas by forcing a producer to their knees.. How does no one speak up for what is right? How is this fair? People think films r just fun and games to make?! They r made with blood sweat and tears for entertainment!! Pls stand by the filmmakers who put in their life's money and hard work to make people laugh and smile. Don't let them be blackmailed and threatened by holding their films ransom just before release. Speak up before if there is an issue!! Everyone has a right to an opinion. The timing right before release just seems very suspect!! I know I may get into trouble for saying all this but I can't be a silent witness to character defamation based on opinions anymore.. That is not what, the India I grew up, taught me."[sic] 

Claiming that actors are soft targets because of their fame and popularity, Chopra maintained her stand and added that this was not the India she grew up in. She also stated that actors are entitled to their opinions too, in a democratic world.