Waheeda Rehman remembers Sadhana  

The veteran actor broke down while remembering her colleague


Our Correspondent

This is what veteran actor Waheeda Rehman had to say about the passing of another legend, her former colleague Sadhana: "She spoke to me two days ago. I had just seen Bajirao Mastani and she wanted to know all the details. And now she's gone. She's the second dear friend I've lost this year after Nanda. And the strangest thing is, Nanda passed away on 25 March. Sadhana too died on the 25th. That is scary.

I guess one goes when one has to. Sadhana was a very dear friend. Like Nanda, Sadhana was a recluse. We could speak our minds and hearts to each other without fear.

She was a fighter and spent most of her life struggling against odds. She had a terrific career when she fell ill with a thyroid problem. She was married but had no children. She didn't get much happiness in life. We only did one film together. We shared a friendship far removed from the profession. I will miss her."